Machine Learning Intern

ProductAtlanta, GA

Loyal is building healthcare’s first digital patient experience platform. We believe consumers deserve to have confidence in their healthcare journey instead of confusion and frustration. That is why we partner with the nation's leading health systems to empower patients with the information and guidance they need to make better healthcare decisions.

There is great interest by Loyal’s AI Labs team to expand the potential neural network architectures that we can use in our Guide chatbot, as well as in other text-based applications in our future product suite. The biggest bottleneck we currently face are employing more sophisticated text feature representations, which is a necessary piece for using more modern architectures.

This internship will follow a similar structure to a research paper:

  • problem overview/definition;
  • motivation;
  • summary of existing work;
  • proposed approach and methodology (algorithmically, data collection and data sources used, implementation and hardware, etc.);
  • results and analysis

Part of the internship work involves deciding on what the best approach actually is for solving architecture expansion. We’ll need to dive deeply into this problem and create an extensive healthcare-chatbot word embedding to use for Guide and for other future models.

Additionally, depending on how long this task takes, a stretch goal could be to work directly on expanding the neural network architectures used by Loyal, i.e. to implement and productionize a convolutional neural network for our codebase.


  • Paid internship
  • Exciting, interesting work impacting the healthcare space
  • Potential research paper/publication (with the help of your professor)
  • Productionized code and results that could be used on numerous healthcare websites


Target Academic Level

A student pursuing at least a Master’s degree in a related technical field  (Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, etc.)


About Loyal

Loyal is a 23 person company based out of Atlanta working in the patient consumer experience space. We work with large health systems to deliver value added experience to the patients along their healthcare journey, as well as provide deeper insights and attribution to our healthcare partners.

We have 15+ health system clients, including Northwestern Medicine, Piedmont Healthcare, Indiana University Health, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and Oregon Health & Science University, along with a technology partnership with Epic (one of the largest EHR software companies in the space).

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