The Foundation of Healthcare Data

Data is the foundation of any health system - and there’s lots of it. If your data isn’t organized, structured, and enriched, then properly managing the applications that rely on it simply won’t work, whether it’s scheduling an appointment, finding a physician, or seamlessly navigating a website.

Enter Connect, Loyal’s intelligent data management platform. Designed to strengthen the foundation your digital front door is built on, Connect makes it easier to leverage and power the modern healthcare consumer experience.

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Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform


Loyal’s comprehensive clinical library is automatically mapped to a provider’s primary specialty, further enhancing their profile and improving searchability. Clinical terms include: synonyms, consumer-friendly keywords, abbreviations, common misspellings, and more. Providers and staff have full control to accept or remove auto-mapped terms and add additional terms when necessary.

Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform

Data Health

With Connect, health systems have a real-time view of their data health. Insights provide overall completeness of data, as well as individual data fields for provider, location, and other data types. Data health insights allow health systems to focus on areas in need of improvement and manage their resources more efficiently.

Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform

Provider Management

Connect structures, organizes, and cleanses provider data from a variety of data sources to create an accurate and complete representation of a provider’s key attributes, specialties, and any associated clinical taxonomy terms. This optimizes provider search results in order to surface physicians that better align with consumer expectations.

Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform

Location Management

Inaccurate location information on third-party sites is a major pain point for health systems today. That’s why Connect centralizes that data to ensure any future update is automatically dispersed across any number of third-party vendors to ensure your information is accurate everywhere, anytime.

Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform

A complete data management platform

Enabling Connect is just the first step in your healthcare consumer journey

Patient Connect

Intelligent search and natural language processing meet to create a dynamic provider search solution with a fully integrated self-scheduling workflow.

Access Connect

Designed specifically for healthcare contact centers, Access Connect uses dynamic workflows and provider search tools to optimize workflows and decision management to improve operational efficiencies.

Directory Connect

Simplified, modern, and intuitive directory management solutions to ensure all 3rd party listings are accurate, consistent, and managed by you.