Continued support after the appointment

Patients have questions and Loyal’s engagement solutions can help answer them. AI assisted support provides quick responses and reduces administrative resources.

Billing Support

Loyal’s platform can assist patients by answering many of the common questions that arise during the billing process around insurance, cost estimations, financial assistance, co-pays, outstanding balance, and more.

In addition, integrations with billing systems allows proactive messages and reminders to help patients understand their accounts and inform them of upcoming payments or a past due balance. For additional support, patients can be redirected to speak with a billing agent via live chat either on the website or inside the patient billing portal.

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Gather Meaningful Feedback

Loyal’s real-time survey solutions replace outdated snail paper surveys that deliver feedback that physicians and staff can act on.

Loyal’s custom survey can be delivered by email or text (SMS) immediately after the patient’s experience. Using open-ended questions and natural language processing, Loyal’s solution can quickly identify emerging trends or areas for improvement. A robust dashboard provides staff with instant feedback and a full view into the patient experience.

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Prescription Communication

Loyal’s messaging capabilities can be extended to include prescription refill reminders and notifications of any changes to a patient’s prescription status.

Communications can be sent via email or text (SMS) and are supported by Loyal’s AI assistant functionality. Integrations with the EMR allow for real-time updates that seamlessly notify patients and guide them to the patient portal for further instruction.

Deliver Clinical Results

Patients seeking information about their clinical test results or updates to their medical record often struggle with where to find it, leading to increased inquiries to the call center and medical staff. Loyal’s platform proactively communicates these updates to patients keeping them informed and reducing their need for follow up questions. Loyal’s AI assistant can provide support to users inside the patient portal, helping them navigate their medical record and directing them to additional resources if necessary.

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