Manage referrals

Facilitate physician referrals by matching the patient with the right provider. Build relationships with real time scheduling and streamlined communication for referring providers.

Incoming Referrals

Assisting independent providers who need to refer their patients to one of your employed physicians is critical for acquiring new patients and building lasting relationships between providers. Loyal’s platform assists the access center by making it easy for agents to locate the correct provider for the referral and streamlines the scheduling process.

In addition to making it easy for referring physicians to connect with the right specialist, the Loyal platform keeps those providers informed about the status of their patients through email and text (SMS) notifications. Referred patients receive details about their upcoming appointment, improving patient satisfaction and encouraging continued utilization of your network as their preferred health system.

Internal Referrals

Facilitating referrals for existing patients is a key component for driving growth across the enterprise and essential for reducing leakage outside the health system. In addition, helping patients secure appointments with specialty care providers or ancillary services improves patient satisfaction and encourages continued utilization of your health systems as their preferred point of care.

Loyal supports the referral process by understanding your provider network and integrating with the appointment scheduling process. By leveraging machine learning and our natural language processing algorithms, we’re able to engage the patient, collect the relevant information necessary, and determine the correct provider for the referral. Whether through an automated self scheduling process or an agent assisted dashboard, Loyal’s platform will help identify the appropriate appointment slot for the patient and streamline the intake process.

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