New and existing patients

Whether acquiring new patients or managing existing patient relationships, Loyal’s platform offers a complete solution for connecting with healthcare consumers.

Care Paths

Care pathways are developed to manage patient care, improve quality, reduce variation, and increase efficient use of healthcare. Care paths vary from specialty to specialty and require flexibility. Patient preferences for communication vary as well. Loyal’s AI understands this and has multiple channels to communicate and keep patients on track. Loyal works with health systems to understand the current care path environment and leverages technology to help deliver care paths efficiently and guide patients along the care journey.


By leveraging patient data from the EMR, a suite of consumer engagement tools, and an automated conversational layer, Loyal partners with health systems to determine which patients are appropriate for reactivation, develops a messaging framework to connect with those patients, and prescribes the next best action for those patients to take. All along the way, Loyal’s platform will collect the data required to ensure that those users continue to be loyal patients and utilize the health system as their preferred provider.

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Patient Acquisition

Loyal’s modern approach to patient acquisition includes traditional channels such as email and campaign landing pages coupled with machine learning backed engagement tools that identify the intent of the customer and drive higher conversion rates. This conversational marketing approach provides greater insight into customer needs and pain points, allowing your internal stakeholders to adjust campaigns in real time and provide data intelligence to support operational workflows.

  • Fully integrated campaigns that include self scheduling capabilities and near real time appointment management
  • 360 degree analytics including customer intent and sentiment analysis for a complete view of the customer journey

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