Research and find the right kind of care

Whether searching for a provider, checking symptoms, or seeking a recommendation for care, Loyal’s comprehensive set of virtual triage tools navigates patients to the right care at the right time.

Online Directories

It’s imperative for a health system’s provider and location information to be accurate on 3rd party listings such as Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. Loyal leverages the accurate and up-to-date information inside our data management platform and publishes this data to 3rd party listings to ensure consumers have access to the correct information. 

Loyal has pre-built API integrations with the top 4 healthcare consumer 3rd party sites including Google, Bing, Facebook, and Foursquare.

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Virtual Triage

Leveraging established clinical protocols and natural language processing (NLP) to identify the clinical symptoms affecting the user, Loyal’s symptom checker bot can be implemented into a wide variety of workflows to support current and future patients. Health system stakeholders can adjust care recommendations based on business rules to drive patients where access is available and most appropriate.

Risk Assessments

Loyal’s HRA’s engage health consumers with a modern user interface, guiding the user through a series of steps and delivering results in real time using a conversational dialogue. Loyal’s HRA framework is flexible and completely customizable, allowing health system stakeholders to develop and deploy existing HRAs inside the platform.

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Feedback from previous patient encounters can be a powerful source of information to help new and existing patients determine if a provider is right for them. For most consumers, the search for a healthcare provider is a frustrating maze of bewildering choices and unanswered questions.

They want to hear what other patients have to say in order to make a decision with confidence. Maximize your use of star ratings while introducing deeper insights into what patients are really saying about their experience. Sort, approve and publish patient reviews of physicians, practices and services in a modern, intuitive format.

Care Search

Loyal’s dynamic search interface leverages our proprietary AI model and natural language processing to identify the intent and needs of the user, resulting in a more accurate care recommendation. Rather than relying on simple keyword matching and one to one search results, Loyal’s intelligent search engine can identify the patient’s need on a conversational level and more quickly determine the correct provider or service. The results are more scheduled appointments, less provider-patient mismatches, and a more ideal experience for both patient and provider.

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