About Us

Advancing quality healthcare is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re different. We listen.

Loyal’s deep understanding of healthcare consumer intent and clinical taxonomy, combined with a conversational, consumer-first approach, allows health systems to connect with their patients, guide them to the appropriate care, and empower them to be healthier individuals.

Management Team

Loyal’s management team is an extraordinary group of healthcare veterans, builders, entrepreneurs, innovators, marketers and engineers.

Chad Mallory

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Gresh


Steph Geissinger

Chief Customer Officer

Abhi Sharma

Chief Product Officer

Angela Jones

VP Customer Success

Charlie Warendh

VP Enterprise Account Strategy

Michael Edvalson

VP Engineering

Rachelle Montano

VP Clinical Strategy

“Our big picture goal is to make people healthier.”
Chad Mallory
Founder & CEO of Loyal

Chad started Loyal in 2015, finding the healthcare system unnecessarily disjointed and siloed, and wanted to offer a solution that would exponentially improve that experience. Loyal organizes your data and personalizes your consumers’ steps throughout their healthcare journey while ensuring that communication between departments is connected from start to finish, and stays in your total control.

Loyal's Mascot

Going back as far as the 1790s, St. Bernards are one of the first recorded life-savers, making rescue excursions in the Swiss Alps for over 150 years. Often the dogs would find buried travelers, dig through the snow and lie on top of the injured to provide warmth. Legend says that the casks around the dog’s neck were filled with liquor to warm the travelers. Just like our mascot, Loyal comes armed with impressive solutions (casks) and a dedicated team of innovators (St. Bernards), to partner with health systems as they come to their patient’s digital patient experience rescue.

At Loyal, we’re shaping the future
of the healthcare experience.

Loyal is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and partners with health systems across the U.S. including academic medical centers, not-for-profit and for-profit systems, children’s hospitals and nationally recognized cancer institutes. With over 150 employees currently on board, our team continues to grow, and we’re always working on bringing the next, best ideas to life for the healthcare industry. If you’re interested in innovating with us, visit our careers page.