Customer Relationship Management​

Loyal’s Customer Relationship Management creates a holistic view of engagement touchpoints and outcomes based on consumer data. It’s a healthcare-centered one-stop shop that unites Loyal products with an intuitive experience inspired by patients.

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Improve Your System

Integrate With Your Organization

Consolidate disparate patient engagement tools into one integrated platform for marketing, clinical, and operational use cases.

Connect With the Right Patients

Launch targeted retention and acquisition campaigns by segmenting your patient populations using multiple data sources in the CDP.

Tie Engagement Activity to Results

Track patient journeys from campaign engagement to appointments and encounters. 


Loyal’s Campaigns are intuitive to build, easy to customize, and highly engaging. It’s the only automated healthcare communication solution built to engage new and existing patients through omni-channel campaigns.


Loyal’s HRA solution provides a library of over two dozen health risk assessments that drive engagement. Our unique HRAs use conditional, dynamic, and conversational questionnaires that are easy to use and understand.

Report showing user results of their weight management health assessment
A phone with a text message from a virtual assistant reminding the user to schedule an annual appointment

Appointment Reminders

Loyal’s Appointment Reminders is an automated, cross-channel, healthcare-specific appointment reminder and messaging solution.

Care Follow Up

Loyal’s Care Follow-Up solution simplifies campaigns and outreach to ensure patients understand and follow their post-care guidelines.

Phone with a reminder and link to book next appointment


ScionHealth Breaks Down Barriers to Care with Loyal’s CRM Solution

ScionHealth was seeking ways to increase the volume of Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (MAWVs) for eligible beneficiaries, an important step in closing care gaps for at-risk populations, and launch preventative campaigns for breast, cervical, colorectal, and lung cancer.

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Transform Your Care

Let’s explore how Loyal can improve your health system operations and the health of the consumers you serve.