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We’re passionate about using technology to make care more clear, accessible, efficient, and consistent for patients and the providers they rely on.

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The Loyal Platform​

With machine learning, natural language processing, industry-leading data integration, and workflow tools, our platform benefits patients and providers alike.

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Our robust solutions guide individualized healthcare actions at scale.


Engage new and current patients wherever they are searching for care. Our solution helps you manage your brand presence and drive engagement. From ranking higher in search and unifying listings to sending dynamic HRAs, you’re able to improve brand affinity to increase patient acquisition and retention.

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When consumers can easily access your system, they’re more likely to engage with it. Our solution promotes interaction with relevant content by streamlining how consumers find providers, simplifying appointment scheduling, and implementing conversational chat options that span your digital experience.

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The more you can keep patients on top of their appointments, the easier it is for providers to plan their days. Our solution cuts down on appointment cancellations and no-shows by reminding consumers about upcoming appointments.


Patients need clear guidance and encouragement to follow their post-care guidelines. Our solution helps promote healthy habits as patients recover with gentle reminders, scheduling assistance, next steps, and feedback analysis.

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The best way to retain consumers is to reach out to them regularly with relevant content. Our solution makes it easy to design, send, measure, and manage omni-channel communication to increase reactivation.

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Our Mission

We believe in helping health systems transform their operations through technology. By deeply understanding patients, we create solutions that improve health by reaching consumers at the right time in their care.

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