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Data Management​

Loyal’s Data Management unifies all relevant provider data in one accessible place so patients can get seamless and consistent results. It’s the only data management platform in the market that simplifies digital touchpoints across the patient journey.

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Improve Your System

Synchronize Information

Control and manage data across digital spaces in one tool.

Optimize for Search

Enhance profiles to make it easier for patients to find the right provider.

Stay Up-to-Date

Work from a customizable, comprehensive taxonomy library that aligns with current standards.

Interface with employee information editor

Unify Your Data

Load provider and location data from all your sources and ensure it’s structured and up to date. From there, you can customize your workflow and get started in our comprehensive, unified platform.

Verify Information

Map provider and location data to Loyal’s curated library of specialties, conditions, diseases, treatments, and procedures. Monitor accuracy and create approval workflows to verify information before consumers see it.

A list of care providers and an indication of the current quality of information about each, with notifications for entries that have missing information
checklist of specific diseases, conditions, treatments and procedures that can be associated with a specific doctor

Improve Clinical Taxonomy

Enhance physicians’ online profiles and improve search with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), so patients can easily find the provider that best fits their needs.

Streamline Approvals

Configure approvers, submit edits for approval, and approve or reject changes to profiles before updates get published.

A list of specific provider details with true/false options and the ability to Approve or Reject the changes
List of healthcare providers that are associated with a specific insurance carrier

Track Insurance

Manage provider insurance information and allow patients to search for care based on their insurance.

Data Management FAQs

Loyal can ingest data from a variety of sources to create a single source of truth for provider, location, and payor data.

Loyal works with Epic, athenahealth, Cerner Millennium, and Meditech.
See our Partnerships page for more information.

Loyal works with API, Flat File, or FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), depending on your needs.

Because each health system is unique, implementation varies. Our team works closely with you to customize your process according to your individual needs.

Transform Your Care

Let’s explore how Loyal can improve your health system operations and the health of the consumers you serve.