Data: The Bedrock of Digital Engagement

Watch this webinar recording to discover how data serves as the cornerstone of digital engagement in healthcare. Learn from Frederick Health’s transformative journey and gain practical strategies to enhance your organization’s digital front-door experience.


  • Alexander Nason, Director, IT Innovation at Frederick Health
  • Brian Gresh, President at Loyal
  • Zain Ismail, Senior Director, Insights & Advisory at AVIA

Key Takeaways: 

  • Poor data creates barriers for patients looking to access care
    • Health systems and hospitals must ensure that consumers receive the most accurate and up-to-date provider and location data
    • Poor data not only hinders the consumer’s ability to access care but also creates obstacles for the organization
  • Data enhancement is ongoing
    • Provider and location data are essential parts of a patient’s journey – therefore, ensuring its accuracy, accessibility, and user-friendliness is crucial for connecting with patients and guiding them through their care journey
    • To stay competitive, health systems and hospitals cannot simply set their data and forget it
    • Continuous optimization is essential to guarantee consumers receive consistent results and the organization gains valuable insights
  • Every health system has unique data requirements
    • Gathering and consolidating provider and location data into a single platform can be challenging, especially in healthcare
    • At Loyal, we offer the only data management platform that ingests your data, enriches it with our proprietary clinical taxonomy library, and serves as a centralized source of truth
    • For the Frederick team, working with Loyal meant an expansion of their digital consumer healthcare platform, offering more opportunities to serve consumers’ needs and effectively capture the end-to-end patient journey

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