[eBook] How to Transform the Healthcare Consumer Experience

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A central focus for healthcare providers today is improving the consumer experience. In fact, 94% of healthcare CEOs are making technology investments to better the patient experience, and for good reason. According to a recent survey from Cedar, 41% of consumers would stop going to their healthcare provider over a poor digital experience.

This eBook explores five key areas that healthcare providers need to focus on in order to transform the healthcare consumer experience, and the consumer-focused technology solutions that should be prioritized.

These areas include:

  • Prioritizing access and convenience to online appointment scheduling.
  • Implementing additional communication portals to find answers and navigate provider websites.
  • A dynamic provider search that allows patients to connect with the right physician, at the right time.
  • Consumer feedback solutions that focus on transparency and improve SEO results so patients can find providers online.
  • Robust analytics platform so healthcare providers can better understand consumer intent and leverage data for actionable insights.

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