When patients ask, Guide answers

Using powerful AI-driven algorithms, Guide helps patients along every step of their online journey, from choosing a doctor and finding the nearest location to applying for a job. Whether you are using Guide’s chatbot, live chat, or the powerful combination of both, our engaging platform integrates seamlessly into your system, maximizes efficiency and improves patients’ digital experience.

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Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform

Designed for Healthcare

Backed by a custom-built neural network, Guide’s HIPAA compliant chat platform was built not only for patients but for the health systems delivering the experience. With tools and features supporting healthcare specific needs, Guide works hard for you, because it was designed for you.

Designed for healthcare

Simply Smarter

Our chatbot is AI-driven through machine learning – using existing source data to answer questions while learning and getting smarter with every interaction. Smart, easy to work with, always trying to improve. The perfect assistant.

Simply smarter

Easy Integration

We know you have many tools in your technology stack so playing well with others is what Guide does best. Our flexible and friendly API makes it easy to integrate Guide with all of your existing applications from your CMS to CRM.

Easy integration

Data and Insights

Guide allows you to understand better than standard analytics what your patients are searching. With our robust analytics dashboard and our built in feedback feature, you can finally see why consumers are visiting your site and know if you were able to help.

Data and insights