When patients ask, Guide answers

Using powerful AI-driven algorithms, Guide helps patients along every step of their online journey, from choosing a doctor, finding the nearest location, or even applying for a job. Finally, a web chat solution that actually provides one.

Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform

Our HIPAA compliant, healthcare-specific platform was built not only for patients, but with the end user in mind. Guide looks, feels and sounds like you because it's designed for you.

Loyal is the world's first digital patient experience platform

Real-time analytics

Comprehensive dashboard of engagement analytics lets you instantly see what your patients are searching for with real-time reporting and conversion metrics.

Simply smarter

Our chat is AI-driven through machine learning – integrates easily with call center work flow, but no chat agents required. Smart, easy to work with, always trying to improve. The perfect assistant.

We have been partners with Loyal since 2015 and I love how they innovate and develop products so quickly. Using Guide has already opened our eyes to new consumer experience opportunities and I know the day is coming when websites are just one big chat.

Matt Gove

Chief Consumer Officer

Piedmont Healthcare

Matt Gove