[eHealthcare Strategy & Trends] Indiana University Health’s Digital Journey Toward Consumerism

Brian Gresh, president of Loyal, made an attention-grabbing statement during his presentation at HCIC 2019, Delivering on the Promise of an Empowered Digital Experience: “When it comes to healthcare, I don’t think there’s a single healthcare system out there that’s truly digital.”

Coming from the person who is well known for leading University of Utah Health to be the first health system to post physician star ratings online, and then going on to lead digital and content marketing at Cleveland Clinic, this assessment has a high degree of credibility.

Jeremy Rogers, executive director, digital marketing and experience at Indiana University (IU) Health, co-presented with Gresh. IU Health and Loyal are partnering on multiple initiatives that fall under the broad heading of consumerism. “We knew we had to put the customer at the center of all of our decision-making,” Rogers says.

Organizational structure can be a roadblock, getting in the way of an integrated approach to consumerism. To better align IU Health in support of a customer-first strategy, the marketing and customer experience groups were merged more than three years ago. “We’re now together in one unified organization,” says Rogers. “From what I’ve found, the fact that we’ve aligned customer experience and marketing is still not commonplace in healthcare.” Gresh adds, “I would encourage anyone who is not aligned to get aligned because you both need each other’s skill sets to really have a great consumer strategy.”

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