HonorHealth Deploys Loyal’s Symptom Checker to Improve Patient Triage/Experience

Phoenix-based HonorHealth has deployed Loyal’s Symptom Checker chatbot solution to assist with patient intake and triage. Symptom Checker leverages machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to identify which clinical symptoms may be affecting patients  – with the ability to handle multiple health conditions and access a clinical database of over 1,200 symptoms, 660+ conditions and 130+ risk factors.

– The virtual care tool is now available to all HonorHealth patients throughout its network of six hospitals and 70 clinics – giving their tens of thousands of patients a new way to access care, all without having to hop on a phone call or leave their homes.

Virtual Triage Tool to Improve The Consumer Experience

Today, health consumers search online for information about their medical conditions before seeking treatment. Providing users a means of checking symptoms and recommending care options early in their care lifecycle allows health systems to establish a dialogue with consumers and build a relationship rooted in trust.

HonorHealth leveraged the Symptom Checker’s machine learning capabilities to personalize the consumer’s experience. Further, by using Loyal’s flexible Application Programming Interface (API), HonorHealth created an omni-channel experience across all relevant systems and departments while maintaining full control of their data to enhance patient privacy and security. Loyal’s solution gives the patient more than one option in a single interaction, providing dynamic question selection, an opportunity to enter multiple chief complaints, and the ability to handle multiple health conditions in real-time.

The chatbot leverages established clinical protocols and natural language processing (NLP) to identify clinical symptoms affecting the user, available in 20 language versions, including symptom-checking for over 1,200 symptoms, 660+ conditions and over 130 risk factors.

“Our main goal is to provide our patients with the ‘just right’ level of care in a way that is convenient for them, right at home,” said Seth Kaplan, Director of Marketing, Digital and CX, HonorHealth. “Our patients can ask the chatbot their questions and get access to care in real-time.”

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