[Hypepotamus] How A Healthcare-Focused Chatbot Helps Patients Stay ‘Loyal’ to Providers

“If you think of a chatbot as just another marketing tool, you are definitely missing a big opportunity to engage and help consumers through the power of conversation,” Chad Mallory tells Hypepotamus.

It’s true – chatbots not only drive faster customer engagement, they’re also forecast to help businesses save at least $8 billion by 2022.

In 2015, Mallory founded Atlanta-based Loyal, which aims to provide healthcare systems with AI-driven tools, like chatbots, to help improve patient experience, retention and feedback through the often-complex healthcare journey.

The idea came about following the successful acquisition of Mallory’s digital marketing firm in 2015. Mallory was approached by Matt Gove, the Chief Consumer Officer for Atlanta health system Piedmont Healthcare, to help solve a problem he was facing around the digital experience and how we can make it better through technology.

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Loyal is dedicated to increasing your health system’s botton line with technology that conencts the patient’s healthcare journey, end-to-end.