Care Coordination​

Loyal’s Care Coordination solution helps post-acute care facilities determine who should be admitted and how to efficiently admit them. It specifically focuses on patients who need to move from intensive or emergency care to an ongoing facility.

Improve Your System

Plan Ahead

Automatically assess patient records and evaluate where they should go next.

Expedite Care

Transfer post-acute candidates into care facilities easily.

Organize Information

Create queues, arrange leads, and assign agents to specific leads.

Interface showing the authorization status of leads with mouse cursor moving a patient to the "Ready for Authorization" column

Manage Leads

Organize new patient leads and track agent activity in one place so you can see where urgent needs are and what’s upcoming, as well as patient details and contact history.

Stay Updated

Surface real-time messaging and notifications.

Interface showing patient admission details and in-progress checklist for their Bed assignment and paperwork
Notification window showing status issues that need to be resolved

Evaluate Next Steps

Automatically assess patient records and notes to decide where they should go next, and build cases in seconds.

Transform Your Care

Let’s explore how Loyal can improve your health system operations and the health of the consumers you serve.