Loyal’s Referrals solution automatically gathers relevant information for a more transparent and patient-centric referral process. It’s the only referral management solution that has the maturity of consumer-facing customer acquisition.

Referrals Graphic

Improve Your System

Find a Match

Pair up patients with providers and refer within or outside of your network.

Bridge the Gap

Create transparency with all members of the care team, including patients themselves.

Streamline the Experience

Track previous patient touchpoints and expedite new appointments.

a list of in-progress referrals, filtering options, and the current status of each referral

Connect Your EHR

Centralize and automate the referral process, making it easier to track next steps and hide referrals that don’t need active attention.

Manage Referrals

View comprehensive profiles with current patient details, clinical information, insurance, and next steps to complete referrals faster.

Interface showing status and activity logging options for an in-progress referral
Interface showing available provider appointments, with options to save an appointment or cancel

Deliver Care

Set patients up with their next appointment as quickly as possible by scheduling directly with specialist’s offices.

Transform Your Care

Let’s explore how Loyal can improve your health system operations and the health of the consumers you serve.