Appointment Reminders

Loyal’s Appointment Reminders solution engages with consumers across multiple communication channels and markets to help prepare them for upcoming appointments. It’s the only automated, cross-channel, healthcare-specific appointment reminder and messaging solution.

Improve Your System

Simplify Appointments

Automate confirming, cancelling, rescheduling, and sending reminders for appointments.

Improve Workloads

Forecast capacity to better schedule according to availability.

Focus on Delivering Care

Decrease the time providers have to spend on administrative tasks.

A phone with a text message from a virtual assistant reminding the user to schedule an annual appointment

Stay in Contact

Engage with patients across multiple communication channels to remind and prepare them for upcoming appointments and automate scheduling for providers.

Streamline Scheduling

Automatically confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments and add patients to waitlists.

Mobile phone screen showing final appointment detail review with button to book appointment

Transform Your Care

Let’s explore how Loyal can improve your health system operations and the health of the consumers you serve.