Agent-Assisted Scheduling

Loyal’s Agent-Assisted Scheduling gives agents the tools to quickly find the best appointments for consumers.

Agent Assisted Scheduling Graphic

Streamline Agent Scheduling

See the big picture of patient outreach with cleaner, more connected data. Agents get a single view of patient history, care data, and other multi-channel information, decreasing interaction turnaround time and improving the patient experience.

A queue of Patient names and related information, with filters to organize them by various criteria

Manage Queues

Create queues to organize leads by form or market and easily assign them to agents.

Manage Leads

Surface demographic info, HRA responses, and other insights so agents can stay on top of where patients are in their health journeys.

Lead example with "In Progress" and "Complete" columns containing multiple status options for each
Search result for "Cardiology" showing top rated caregivers and links to book appointments with them

Streamline Search

Integrate scheduling into your lead management workflow with embedded search that consolidates patient, hospital, and billing data so agents can provide faster access to care.

Schedule With Ease

View and select appointment-qualified provider availability, and access and edit all known information about patients.

Appointment Booking user flow with clearly organized available appointment times

Transform Your Care

Let’s explore how Loyal can improve your health system operations and the health of the consumers you serve.