Loyal’s Campaigns solution is a design-led, patient-centered, one-stop shop for creating, measuring, and managing campaigns. It’s the only healthcare-centric communication automation solution built to engage new and existing patients through omni-channel campaigns.

Improve Your System

Automate Campaigns

Trigger custom drip campaigns to send based on consumer actions.

Send What's Relevant

Deliver one-time and ongoing campaigns based on care events and specific rules.

Track Your Successes

View holistic data in weekly or monthly reports to evaluate effectiveness.

Image of Loyal's custom email campaign interface

Design Your Campaign​

Create campaign content in an easy-to-use builder. You can define the market and establish branding for email and/or SMS. Incorporate market and/or patient variables and define calls-to-action, and preview the campaign before launching.

Build Audiences

Create a library of audience segmentations so you can target your campaigns. Choose common audience traits and integrate with key EHRs.

Configure Branding

For each of your markets, you can customize brand details and calls-to-action. Once your branding has been configured, you can assign a configuration to individual campaigns.

Set Campaign Rules

Choose when, where, and how your campaigns reach audiences by setting rules. Automate HRA campaigns for patients who fall within a certain HRA audience segments. Select the time and channel so that you reach patients when and where they’re most likely to engage. And set a maximum number of campaigns you want to send on a daily basis so you aren’t bombarding your call center.

Evaluate Effectiveness

Access weekly or monthly reports for visibility into campaign effectiveness. These insights help you track engagement and conversion, attribute campaigns to appointments scheduled, attended, and revenue generated.

Transform Your Care

Let’s explore how Loyal can improve your health system operations and the health of the consumers you serve.