Loyal Introduces Connect Data Management Platform

Loyal, a leader in digital patient experience technology, today announced their third product, Connect, as a part of the company’s continuing effort to bring intelligent technology and loyalty-inspiring solutions to its health system customers.

Connect is a part of Loyal’s suite of digital patient experience solutions that includes data publishing tool, Empower, and AI-driven chat, Guide. Connect will allow health systems to collect, manage, and view their consumer-centric data in a single, HIPAA-compliant data management platform. Using Connect enables systems to easily relate, prioritize, update, and enrich their data for better outcomes in their patient’s digital experience.

“Healthcare systems are consistently challenged with the elusive ‘source of truth’ when it comes to their consumer-facing data,” President of Loyal, Brian Gresh commented. “With Connect, they will finally be able to unify that data, streamline workflows, and provide better data accuracy to their patients and healthcare consumers.”

In addition to having functionality across teams and roles within the health system, Connect’s enriched data is easily accessible via API in order to power existing and future applications. Health systems can also leverage Connect’s application suite to provide enhanced physician search for consumers and improve their online business directory listings.

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