Loyal’s Symptom Checker is Now Live at HonorHealth

ATLANTA, GA – April 5, 2022 —  Loyal, the preferred software solution for improved care utilization among the nation’s leading health systems and hospitals, announced today that its Symptom Checker, part of an end-to-end set of virtual triage tools, is live at HonorHealth, a non-profit, local community healthcare system serving the greater Phoenix area.

Today, health consumers search online for information about their medical conditions before seeking treatment. Providing users a means of checking symptoms and recommending care options early in their care lifecycle allows health systems to establish a dialogue with consumers and build a relationship rooted in trust. 

Loyal’s Symptom Checker is a highly configurable, white-label technology that can be implemented into a wide variety of workflows to support current and new patients. Symptom Checker and Chatbot work together to make the consumer’s experience seamless and the consumer can download the triage level as well as suggested conditions and take it to their provider visit. 

HonorHealth leveraged the Symptom Checker’s machine learning capabilities to personalize the consumer’s experience. Further, by using Loyal’s flexible Application Programming Interface (API), HonorHealth created an omni-channel experience across all relevant systems and departments while maintaining full control of their data to enhance patient privacy and security.

“Our main goal is to provide our patients with the ‘just right’ level of care in a way that is convenient for them, right at home,” said Seth Kaplan, Director of Marketing, Digital and CX, HonorHealth. “Our patients can ask the chatbot their questions and get access to care in real-time.”

“Symptom Checker is an efficient way to communicate smoothly and effectively with patients and meet their needs where they are,” said Chad Mallory, CEO of Loyal. “Loyal is proud to work with HonorHealth, employing Symptom Checker to advance quality healthcare and make it more accessible to all consumers, where they communicate.”

The chatbot leverages established clinical protocols and natural language processing (NLP) to identify clinical symptoms affecting the user, available in 20 language versions, including symptom-checking for over 1,200 symptoms, 660+ conditions and over 130 risk factors. 

“The integration between Loyal and Infermedica’s solutions is a powerful combination for increasing healthcare efficiency. HonorHealth’s Symptom Checker uses our API to accumulate the right data to assess the patient’s state of health, as such proposing a list of possible conditions and recommended triage,” said Piotr Orzechowski, Infermedica CEO and Co-founder. “Our thorough clinical validation, use of trusted resources, and team of medical and technical experts are instrumental in helping to provide accessible healthcare to the local community of the greater Phoenix area through Honor’s use of our combined solution.”

Further, Loyal’s solution gives the patient more than one option in a single interaction, providing dynamic question selection, an opportunity to enter multiple chief complaints, and the ability to handle multiple health conditions in real-time.

Symptom Checker is powered by Infermedica’s API and clinical taxonomy. Infermedica’s system is based on statistical modeling, used by over 10 million patients world-wide, and is the leading provider of AI-based patient triage. 

To read more about how Loyal’s Symptom Checker is answering health questions in real time, please visit our blog.

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