Oregon Health & Science University’s (OHSU) has over 16,000 employees and operates one of the top-ranked adult and children’s hospitals in Oregon. As the only academic health center in Oregon, OHSU brings in over $400 million in research funding annually. OHSU’s singular focus is to improve the health of Oregonians and make a global impact with their advances in health sciences.

The Challenge

Reading online reviews is the modern equivalent to window shopping, as consumers leverage star ratings and reviews to help make decisions on what products to buy, which restaurants to frequent, and even which healthcare provider is right for them. Recognizing the type of insights patient experience survey data provides, OHSU sought to publish that data to illustrate their commitment towards transparency and increase patient engagement with providers.

Our Solution

OHSU partnered with Loyal to implement data publishing platform, Empower, to maximize their patient experience data and align with OHSU’s core mission value of transparency. Additionally, publishing patient reviews has the added benefit of increasing organic search results and online exposure, which helps drive new patient acquisition without impacting OHSU’s budget for traditional media outreach.

The ease of implementation and the integration with Epic’s workflow contributed to Empower being OHSU’s choice for publishing physician reviews. “Loyal’s willingness to create a tool within the Epic environment assured deeper provider adoption,” says Lisa Williams, OHSU’s Associate Director of Digital Engagement.

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The Results

A year after implementation, OHSU’s physician profile pages experienced a 73% increase in organic search results, a 39% increase in new users, and a 48% increase in page sessions. Physicians quickly adopted the platform due to the ease of use in the Epic environment and the valuable feedback they gained from reviewing patient comments. “As time goes on, we have providers engaged and excited about patient reviews in a way we never saw before,” says Williams. OHSU’s goal to increase patient engagement with providers by publishing physician reviews helped to further their commitment towards transparency.

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