Reimagining CRM for Health Systems with an Enterprise Wide Approach

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Customer Relationship Management​ (CRM) is evolving, enabling healthcare leaders to synchronize and prioritize high-value communications that drive profitability and support patients on their healthcare journey. If you’re on a plateau between the promise of CRM and the reality, watch this session in partnership with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, where we will delve into strategies for achieving new heights.


  • Abhi Sharma, Chief Product Officer at Loyal
  • Jane Weber Brubaker, Executive Editor at Plain-English Media

Key Takeaways: 

  • Implement a CRM strategy framework
    • Build a measurable strategy framework that helps you drive a line back up so that you’re part of the ecosystem rather than a silo-ed operator. 
    • Health systems and hospitals should streamline their strategies, collaborate with counterparts to establish clear objectives, and then define achievable goals or tactics.
  • Choose a CRM that supports FHIR
    • Preferably, FHIR is a first-in-class model with multi-source segmentation.
    • FHIR extends beyond patient and clinical data. 
    • It’s important to have the ability to expand or extend the use of FHIR to include other types of data or functionalities as needed.
    • For example, wanting to store non-clinical attributes like activities, interests, income, etc.
  • Measure what matters
    • Health systems and hospitals must associate a patient’s engagement activity to outcomes.
    • This can be achieved with our healthcare-specific CRM platform, which provides visibility into a patient’s journey, from campaign engagement to appointments and encounters.

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